The Use of GIS in animal disease response


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Target: all those concerned

The course intended to present an empirical approach to implement a GIS project to capture, manage and analyse spatial data related to disease events. In particular, this course provides an introduction to QGIS (Quantum GIS, an Open Source GIS software for viewing, editing, and managing spatial data), a practical training on a specific QGIS plug-in


 the student will prove to be proficient in the functions of geospatial software, including capture
of geographical and disease event data, editing and data management
 the student will demonstrate proficiency in map creation and design principles, including
thematic map display and cartographic design for decision support systems
 the student will be able to run geoprocessing tools and develop exploratory spatial data


online course
free of charge
› commitment: 10 h
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› Nicola Ferrè - IZSVe
› Paolo Mulatti - IZSVe
› Monica Lorenzetto - IZSVe
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